Monday, February 1, 2010

Day 32- Tell someone they are awesome

Tell someone they are awesome.
Done 1-18 (Yes I know it's early but I really needed to change my mood that day)

Yes, it's back, but Be Nice to a Stranger has been renamed to PROJECT NICE!

I think the name is a little bit more catchy.

I'm excited to start this back up again. Mostly because there were things I didn't get around to doing the first time around. This one I've been meaning to do for a while.

As you all know, I am a teacher. There are some people who I see every day and never speak to. There is one teacher, I've never even said hello to. But every time I see him working with a kid, it makes me happy. Watching him makes me want to be a better teacher. No matter what time of the day it is, he always seems genuninly interested in what the student is saying. He's constantly moving from kid to kid to make sure they fully understand the material. He's what a teacher should be doing.
He's also a first year teacher. He's still hopful and happy. Please keep in mind I"m not saying that teachers stop being hopeful and happy after the first year, but the zest for job demisinshes a little. Reality slowly creeps in.
I love my job and I can't really imagine doing anything else, but am I as opimistic as I used to be? No way.
But watching him work with a kid, reminds me of the kind of teacher I was and who I wish I could still be.

So I told him that. In a lull moment, I walked over to him and told him that watching him work with other students makes me want to be a better teacher.

Instant smile. We chatted for a few minutes. I got to know one of my co-wokers and it made me feel all warm and mushy inside. And that was just how I felt.
Anyone who is new at their job needs constantly reassurance that they are doing the right thing.

Would I do it again: Sure.
Time: 3 minutes
Effort: None
Cost: Nothing.

How's Project Nice going for everyone else?


  1. just found a have a nice day message in a book.
    Abundance of Katherines by John Green. today is Februrary 22, 2010.

    i see from you mention of puppy sized elephants that you are a fellow nerd fighter?

  2. Yep I'm a nerd fighter!! I'm doing this thing called Project Nice. If you go to the Ning and click on dicussions and anti-world suck. It's a featured discussion.

    You can follow it here

    Abundance of Katherines is wonderful. I think Paper Towns was better but you're in for a great read.