Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Day 2 Leave a penny, take a penny.

Leave a penny, take a penny.

We have a vending machine at work. It only takes EXACT change and it's counter intuitive to what you would expect.

I am leaving a small container of change, filled with what was sitting at the bottom on my purse.

I'll keep an eye on how much money is in it every once and a while.

I posted a sign about the cup, "Take a nickel leave a nickel. Let's face it this machine eats our money, let's help each other out."

Reaction: It lasted a grand total of 10 minutes.
Someone was offended by the sign and I took it down. I believe it was the wording of the sign. For that it was a poor choice on my part.

Will I do it again?: Nope.
How much did it cost me? my pride
How much time did it take? 1 minute total
How much effort? Not much but on further refection I would rewrite the sign.


  1. What was the issue with the sign? I cannot see how anyone could possible be offended by that.

  2. I agree. I did not think that there was anything wrong with that sign. Perhaps the person was offended by being asked to contribute. People can be very weird when it comes to money.

  3. Ah well. Did you get your change back?

  4. actually it was me that was offended. The machine was purchased and is maintained by the school's Social Committee - of which I am a "governing" member. Since I hadn't heard of any problems it felt like a personal attack. I probably over-reacted. The "leave a penny, take a penny" is a practice I use at stores I frequent. Erinn, if the sign had only said "take a nickel, leave a nickel" I would have thought it was exactly what you wanted it to be - a generous act.

  5. I am sorry you were offended and felt like it was a personal attack. I didn't not mean for that to happen.