Friday, December 18, 2009

day 18- I hope you're all still with me.

Day 18
Bought the medication for the man in front of me.

Ok I will be the first to admit some of these "good deeds" have been pretty lame this last week. I thank anyone who has been keeping up with this blog, because YIKES, some of them have been lame with an extra side of lame sauce.

My excuse- I've been feeling like crap. No, wrong, crap is an understatement, I've been feeling like what a horse poops out after horsey thanksgiving dinner. I've been suffering in silence, only complaining to anyone who asks what's wrong. Today when the fire alarm went off in school I felt like I was going to puke and I suddenly realized how you can use sound as a weapon.
Ok I know when I post this on Friday, that it would be three day AFTER the fire alarm and hopefully by then I will be feeling better.

Anyway I went to the doctor and yep, I have a sinus infection, as I expected.

I was picking up my meds when this occurred.


There was an older man in front of me. For the record I am terrible with ages, people fall into four categories. Younger then me, ages 0-25 Kinda my age 25-35, slightly older then me, 35-45 and older then me, everyone else. So he was above 45,I guess.

He had four prescriptions. $5, $5, $10, $10. I have no idea what they were for, but anything more then two, in my eyes, is a lot and probably pretty serious.

He hesitated, "Um ok, I'm going to have to come back for some of these." He started to pick through the bottles trying to decided which of his medical needs would be met.

Yesterday I spent $18 on a CD. Yes I overpaid of the CD but it came with a bonus booklet with the bands autographs. I didn't think twice about buying it. I have NEVER had to prioritize my medical needs, my food or any of the things I need to survive.

I stepped up, "Sir, let me pay for your prescription."

He blinked at me, taken back, and probably a little embarrassed. "No, I couldn't."

"No, see I'm doing this thing this month where I'm nice to strangers and you qualify.
I blog about it." I pointed to the meds, "Which ones do you have left to pay for?"

"I'm getting the 2 $5 ones. The rest is pretty expensive."

This is where I could have lost him, if I didn't play my card right. Too eager and it might be insulting. "How about this, I'll pay for one. That's $10, the same amount as you paid."

He smiled, "It is hard to turn down free money." He started to pick through the remaining medications. "I guess I'll take the one for pain."

This is when my heart broke for a second time--- he was going to live in PAIN because he didn't have the money to pay for it.

The cashier started to ring him up. The man handed the cashier is debit card, "There isn't enough money in the account for twenty." The cashier charged him for $10 and I handed over my card for the remaining ten.

"I guess it would be rude, if I didn't ask you your name."

"I'm Erinn." I said. Once the transaction was over and he had his meds, we said our goodbyes.

The cashier smiled at me (I had been there a lot lately since my daughter has been sick-I think he recognized me) "That was very nice."
"Oh, its no problem. Every time I'm here you guys are so nice to me, why should I be nice to someone else." I think that's what I wanted to say. But my throbbing headache wouldn't let me. I had used up all my energy on the older gentleman. I think I said, "It's no problem."

I got my meds and turned to leave. Not the woman directly behind me, but the woman behind her, stopped me.

"Excuse, I'd like to pay for half of what you paid for that man's medication."

What? Really? "Oh, no, that's not necessary." I said.

She shook her head and dug through her wallet. "No, you just made my day by helping that man."

I smiled, "Oh good! that was the whole reason why I started this experiment." Although I'm not sure if she understood what I was talking about.

"It's nice to see that people are looking out for each other." She handed me the money.

I paused, should I take it? "I will only take it if it makes you feel good to give it." I said. I know how good it make me feel to pay for little thing for people, who was I to deny her that happiness. I certainly didn't do help the older gentleman so I could gain $5 for the woman behind me.

She smiled, "it really would." She handed me the money. "Happy holidays."

"Thank you, you too."

I made TWO people's day with one action. It's a ripple effect.

Would I do it again? yes, no one should ever have to choose between being healthy and not. <-- that wasn't my political views about the Health Care overhaul. I stopped paying attention to that a few weeks ago. Don't read into my good deed as my views on a hot button topic.

Effort: Handing over my card and explain why I was going to pay.
Time spent: about 2 extra minutes to pay for it.
Money spent: $10 originally but I was reimbursed $5.


  1. It's amazing how one act of kindness inspires another and another and another........

  2. That breaks my heart, but I'm glad you were there to step in.

  3. This one action, I'm most proud of because I know it was more then just making someone's day a little better but their well being and physical state better too.

  4. That's amazing!
    I discovered your blog on the Nerdfighter ning and this story especially made my day!
    Thanks for being awesome.

  5. Thanks Canariesskip! I'm glad it made your day, that's the whole point of the blog.

    Thank YOU for being awesome.

  6. That actually made me cry. Thank you for doing this.