Thursday, December 10, 2009

Day 10 Daughter Day

Daughter Day

So overall it's been things that I've done to make someone happy. I never thought that it would have an out reaching effect on other people doing something to make people happy.

The gentleman behind me in Target was not having a good day. I had seen him earlier in the store and he was a little grumpy. My daughter was with me because she was home sick with a double ear infection and strep. She's amazing, she really is. You'd never know at all that she was sick.

Her face was a mess, all crusted what God knows what. But she has this smile that shows through her whole face. Even her eye shine. I've never seen anyone else like it. I thought it was some bad writers cliche with "sparkling eyes." But it's a real thing and my kid has it. And when she says "hi" her whole body says hi. It's big and loud and it makes your day.

She said Hi to the gentleman behind me in Target. Then she pointed to her shoes, "My Shoes." But it came out, "mmmm sshhhoooo"

I translated for him.

He laughed, "That just made my day, looking at her face, her smile. She made my day."

YAY- there was one and I didn't even have to try!

"Thank you so much." I said. "You just made my day."
My daughter went back to talking about her shoes.

Since starting this blog I've had people come up to me and tell me they did something nice for a stranger. Good that was the whole point of this little experiment.

Look you don't have to be nice to everyone, or even all day. JUst pick one person and be nice to them for 30 seconds. You never know what that can do for someone.

One woman came up to me and said, "I was in the post office waiting in this huge slow line when I heard the woman behind me say,'I guess if I'm going to wait in this line I might as well buy a whole book of stamps,' I turned to her and asked, "You still but individual stamps?' She said yes, she needed three. I said, 'Shoot I've got three stamps.' And I thought of your blog while I was doing it. "


Little things make a big difference.

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  1. I think I was in the post office that day when that lady gave her three stamps! I loved it!