Sunday, December 20, 2009

Day 20 Puppy Size Elephants

Giving people a happy image in their head.
Event was done on 12-18

Logic: Life is a little stressful right now. People are grumpy, the holidays are coming and if you are like me, you are woefully unprepared for them.

Sometimes you need something happy to get you through the day.

Maybe you've been reading this blog and it makes you smile. But maybe you need something else. Maybe you need something so cute you can't help but smile and laugh.
Why else are all those happy baby laughing videos so popular on Youtube?


So I've been telling people this.

Once on this planet, when the water levels were different, there was an island on the coast of California.

This island had elephants. ELEPHANTS!

But as the water levels started to rise and the island shrank so did the elephants.

At one point on this planet there were puppy sized elephants.

Stop. Picture an elephant, perfectly proportionate but the size of a puppy.

Yes, that is the cutest thing in world.

Now stop and picture a HERD of puppy sized elephants.

Now picture that herd of elephants RUNNING.

Yes, now you have the cutest picture nature has ever produced, in your head.

You can hear more about it here.

Everyone I've told this to had the same exact reaction. INSTANT SMILE. Some laughed and held out their hand to picture the elephant. Most said, "awwwww" The squee of utter cuteness. Many people instantly wanted one for a pet.

It's amazing how quickly people jump to the same conclusion.

Would I do it again? Yes, maybe I'll find something else equally cute, but what I like about this fact is that it's pretty unknown, you have to use your imagination for it. Everyone comes up with a different image. Best part, it's real. It's a reminder of why the world is simply amazing.

Effort: 30 seconds to tell the story

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  1. I, indeed, loved the elephant story, but Jilly's reaction was the best. From the moment you started to tell the story, her eyes just kept getting bigger and bigger and by the end of it she was hopping up and down.

    With a santa crown on her head in a bar full of people. Awesome.