Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Day 16 Nice to a Neighbor Take 2

Nice to a Neighbor.

There's very nice family in my neighborhood, I rarely speak to the mother, but I speak to the husband and 4 year old. As I was walking pass their house I noticed a light was on in their car.

I returned my dog to our house and headed back out into the cold.

I knocked on the door and told the mom about it.

She was very nice and very grateful. Apparently her daughter had turned it on.

Will I do it again: Sure.
Effort: None
Cost: none

Ok here's the thing, I do this action a lot. At least four times I've knocked on neighbors' doors to tell them something was wrong with their car. It's just being a good neighbor, it's not overly kind.

After 16 days of this, I've noticed that people are mistaking being a polite human being with kindness.

Everyday I talk to students and say hello, or tell them to have a good day, or to learn something. I personalize each comment to the student. I try to let them know I care. But that's my job. Isn't it?

Holding the door open is a part of polite society. Saying hello, smiling, saying please and thank you is what is expected, isn't it?

Yes, this personal project was designed to do something nice, and not see the rewards of it. To Pay it forward as so many people have been point it out to me.
Politeness does go a long way with people.

So thank you for reading this. Let's all be good people.

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