Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Day 23 Give credit where credit is due.

Give credit where credit is due.

Action done on 12-22

I was wrapping Christmas gifts and I ran out of tape. I drove to Walmart. Oh how I loathe Walmart close to the holidays. It's a pretty horrible place to be. My mission was simple, find tape, cards, a certain magazine that is a Walmart exclusive (which was the real reason why I went) and to buy something for my husbands gift.

It's tape, without tape wrapping paper is completely useless.

You would think there would be a giant flashing sign filled saying "here's the tape you need, Erinn."


I asked a stock person. This Walmart is not as well organized as other Walmarts in the area (there's 3 in a 10 mile radius in case you were wondering) He walked around half the store with me, helping me look for the tape. He finally asked the assistant manager.
He lead me to a back area- the garden supply area. Yep there was the tape. By the way, what a stupid place for TAPE.
He spent a good 5 minutes walking around with me chatting.

After I got the tape, I walked back to the assistant manager and told him how hard "Matt" worked.

The assistant manager smiled at me and thanked me for telling him. I figured during the holiday season it's easy for sales people to get overwhelmed. And really who doesn't like hearing someone who works for you did a good job.

Here's the thing, none of the Walmart employees were under the age of 30.

What's really hitting me about little experiment is how bad the economy is and how much people are struggling.

Would I do it again? yes.
Cost? None
Effort? not much, I had to walk past the manager to get where to the magazines anyway.

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