Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Day 22Call Customer Service Rep.

Task Call Customer Service Rep.

So I don't know if you've heard but it snowed.. oh wait I covered that already.

I was thinking, you know who is probably having a bad day, the claims people for car insurance.

First of all, who ever is calling them, is most likely in a pretty bad mood. It's not the claim's person fault, but they are getting the raw end of the deal. They have no control over the policies the company creates, or what policies the customer has chosen. Yet, most likely they get yelled at all day but people who are equally annoyed because they don't have control over the situation they are in.
Yes, they do get paid for their job, but how many of them dreamed as a child to be a car insurance claim person.

I'm just saying, it's probably not the most rewarding job.

So I called up Geico and thanked the first person I spoke to.
I said, "It's really nice to hear someone's voice and I'm not sure how your day is going but I wanted to thank you for being on the other end of the phone, sometimes it's nice to talk to a person, not a computer, you know."

Daniel from Geico said, "Well, I'm having a great day but thank you so much."

I laughed, "I"m sure some of your co-workers are having a rough day with all the claims that must be coming in."

He laughed, "That's for sure."

"Well, just let them know that you got a happy phone call and I think you're doing a great job."

"Thank you so much."

Ok true, I wasn't filing a claim, and I haven't gotten into my car yet today, nor have I ever had to deal with Geico in a negative fashion, so in all honestly, I don't know what it's like to work with them. But I just figured who doesn't like to hear they are doing a good job.

Will I do it again?: Sure, and the best part was, I didn't have to leave my house to do it.
Cost: Zero
Effort: Not much, I had to go to the website to get the phone number (the one in my cellphone is wrong)
Time: 2:50 second. About 1 minute to get through the menu.

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