Thursday, December 31, 2009

Day 31- Say thank you

Say thank you.

Saying thank you takes 1 second but it makes a huge difference in someone's day and in their opinion on you.

For today I am going to thank EVERYONE who made this blog possible.

In all honestly I didn't think I was going to make it, I didn't think I was going to follow through. But people kept coming up to me and saying they read the blog, it makes their day or they did something nice for someone.

So here is your chance to see your name (first names only) on the internet on a quasi important blog and you can say "Hey that's me." Hopeful it will make your day too.

This is in a sort of order and if I forget you, I'm very sorry.

Cindy- Your ideas made it into the blog more than anyone, you've been my constant cheerleader. Thanks for doing the coupons with me and giving me a shout out on a radio station. You're a rock star. Thank you for being there for me for my moment of fame.

Megan- Thank you for introducing this blog to your friends, for all your good deeds and giving me ideas. Thank you for your wonderful piece on The Nervous Breakdown.

Danielle- Thank you for updating your facebook status with the blog and giving me more "internet traffic" Thanks for commenting and keeping me on track. Thank you for all your help with my writing as well.

Alicia- Thanks for all your support, not just with this blog but with my borderline insanity about my writing. Thanks for blogging about me too.

Hubby- Thank you for reading the blog. Your opinion means more than anyone else's (sorry everyone else, I like you guys, but I LOVE him) Thanks for being a great guy.

Mom and Dad- thank you for reading everyday and giving me ideas. Thanks for commenting and all your support. Love ya.

Will- Thanks for going against your nature and doing something good for someone. :-) You're the man. Thanks for digging out your neighbor's car!

Bev- Thanks for reading and I hope your daughter liked it too. You've raised some great kids. Thank you for all your support.

Tara- You were the second person I looked up on facebook. Thanks for reading this. Some of my best childhood memories have you in them.

Jen M- Thanks for commenting on facebook.

Katy- Thanks for paying for the person behind you! Thanks for reading and passing on the goodness. You're an excellent person.

Colleen- Thanks for your support early on. You really gave me the motivation I needed.

Mike- You're a great guy and thank you for all your ideas

Mo- Thank you for your ideas and all your support. You were very important in the early stages of this project. Thank you

Chris- I don't know what a toast ranger is either. ;-)

Aunt Joanne- Thanks for all your love.

Followers- All these people follow the blog.

School support
Maureen- Thanks for being the first person to tell me you read this. Your words and your support has helped me in so many ways.

Carol- Thanks for reading this and all your fun e-mails about it.

Sam- Thanks for donating to and being a great guy.

Lori- I miss not seeing you everyday I hope this was a way you could still feel connected to the school. I'm going to miss my MSA buddy.

Mary- For doing nice things for strangers long before this was a thing.

Jeff- Thanks for reading and checking the site.

Cecilia- Thanks for making this the one blog you read.

Michelle- Thanks for being my sanity and for all your hard work. You make me a better teacher.

Kenya- Thanks being the first person to tell me you did something nice after reading my blog. You're a big reason I kept going with this

Patty- thanks for reading and commenting on my facebook status.

Craig- Thanks for being a good guy. You were a big part of the inspiration of this.

Kerry- Thanks for listening to my stories.

Liz- thanks for commenting and reading.

Debbie- for being one of the nicest people on the planet... the world is better with you on it.

Chris- For being the smartest person I know (seriously he is)

Leray- for reading and commenting

Kathy- NO, you're my idol. You make me smile every time we talk.

Hammond staff -- you're my second family. Thank you

My students- Thanks for to the kids who did something nice for someone or told their parents about this and did they in turn did something nice.

Martha- Thank you for asking me about my personal project every day. It was a great way to start my day.

Let's Talk Live, Natasha Barrett, Brianne Carter, Gillian R, Alison K Thank you so much for giving me an opportunity to talk about my project.

98.7 WMZQ- Michael J- for talking about my blog on the air and making it possible for Gillian to hear about the blog.

Thank you all SO MUCH, everyone was kind, professional and cared about this project. Thank you thank you thank you.

People I don't know
The internet is an amazing thing and there were three people who found me and started reading this. This I have no idea who I am but they took the time to read the website and blog about it.

Clover: She's a nerdfighter which makes her made out of awesome

Contrafibularities: Blog here

KLO Blog here

TKAstle She's doing her own blog about the same thing starting in January.

Kelly: She's the one who found a note in the book Paper Towns

Jenn: She found me thanks to Let's Talk.

Jilly and Jess -I met through Meghan and I was super happy to tell them about Puppy Sized Elephants.

John Green- You're a huge inspiration to me, thank you.

So did you stop reading when you found your name?
Are you super annoyed that I didn't mention you? If I missed you, I am VERY sorry and I promise to edit the page to fix the mistake.

Thank you everyone. You're a big reason why this was a success.

One more update filled with the stats of this experiment, my favorite deeds and my overall thoughts of it.

Happy New Years.


  1. I saw the tv clip, you handled it very well. What a nice example to set for your daughter!!!

  2. You are absolutely, positively, welcome. :) Happy New Year!