Thursday, December 3, 2009

Day 3 Buy people coffee

Buy people coffee

Task: I will buy the people behind me coffee.
Today I drive to Dunkin Donuts to do really two nice things. But I will talk about the coffee today.

I walked in and sighed, it was a ghost town again. UGH! Universe, what are you trying to do to me?
I figured at the very least I could do my back up of one nice thing and I could come back some other time and buy coffee.
I walked up to the front and placed my order. Then a man walked in. YES! Thank you Universe. We'll call him Man#1. He started to place his order. Man#2 walked in a few seconds later.
As I was finishing my order, I smiled and added, "I would like to pay for these two gentleman's coffee."
The cashier smiled, "Really? Are you sure?"
Man#2 "Wow thanks. Why?"
She paused and told the other cashier, "stop your order, she's going to pay for his coffee."
Man#1 blinked, stunned, "Really?"

I explained I was doing something nice for strangers and I'm going to blog about it.
The cashier took their order.
Man#1 "Wow that's really great I'm going to pass this on."
Me "Wonderful, that's the whole point. A little thing can make someone's day."
Man#2 is this like those two college kids?

Interesting side note: Since I started doing this, lots of people have been coming up to me and telling me about other good deeds. So the more hear about the more I will post up here.

Me: No, but its in the spirit.
Cashier hands them their coffee. Man#2 thanks me, takes his coffee and leaves.

Man#1 was waiting for his breakfast sandwich and I was waiting for my bagel. Man #1 says, "This is really great."
Me, "Thank you."
Man#1 "Do you feel like you get enough appreciation in your life?"
Me, laughing, "I;m a teacher, I never get appreciation, but I'm happy."
Man#1 "I"m going to give you a gift."
Me: No, that's not why I'm doing this.
Man#1, he looked me in the eye and with complete honesty in his voice he said, "You are prefect the way you are. I am going to bow to you." And he bowed. It was like a Japanese bow of respect. I started to tear up.

Here in Laurel Maryland, in a Dunkin Donuts a stranger bowed to me.
Now because I'm me, and my personality, I wasn't embarrassed, I didn't blush or shun away. The cashier looked just as amazed and moved by the situation as I was.

Will I do it again?:
YES YES YES and I will not be expecting someone to bow to me.

How much did it cost me? 2 coffees = $3.00
How much time did it take? Under 1 minute to order and explain what I was doing
How much effort? One sentence and swiping my ATM Card.

Lesson of the day, people are awesome.

has this blog brightened your day? Have you done something nice since reading this?

UPDATE: DAY 2's EVENT IS BACK ON! I spoke to the person who was offended by the sign, we're cool with each other. A new take a nickel, leave a nickle sign is up.


  1. So what's the count of money in the jar from day two? <, >, or =?

  2. I haven't checked the money count. I"m assuming it's the same. I'll check in a week or so.

  3. Your blog definetly brightened my day. Does taking on a pre-school class for 12 weeks count as being nice? The teacher hugged me when I left.

  4. I'm going to send your blog to my daughter. What you are doing is such a "Rachael Thing". When she went to Taiwan for a conference a few years ago with a group of 4 other students, sent by U of Md., they stood on the streets and gave out free hugs. The pictures were amazing. You and Rachael would have a great time together.

  5. I love this blog. It's fantastic.