Friday, December 11, 2009

Day 11 Thank someone with a thankless job

Task Thank someone with a thankless job- at the Gym.

Action done on 12-8

I go to the most amazing gym on the planet. Lifetime Fitness. This place has marble walls, a rock wall (not to be confused with the marble walls), two pools, an amazing daycare center and seven trillion cardio machines. It's what Heaven's gym must be like.

Its easy to get wrapped up in the beauty of it. (I didn't even discuss the steam room.)
However there are many people constantly working, cleaning up, folding towels, wiping up after the "members." They move silently, I've rarely heard them speak English. To most of the members of the gym, they are invisible. However, in my two and half years going to the gym, I've never seen them sitting around, I've never seen them goofing off.

I drove over to the gym, I had intentions of working out. But I was starting to get a headache and opted to just to this instead. I walked over to customer service. One of the employees there was a former student. I smiled at her and asked to speak to a manager.
One popped out from the back.
"how can I help you."
"I just wanted to tell you, that every time I'm here, the support staff is working incredble hard and I thought I should tell someone."
He smiles, "Thank you. Many of our members are well off and our support staff tends to struggle, so its really nice that someone noticed."
"I don't think there's ever been a time where I didn't see someone working hard. The gym looks so great."
"Thank you, I'm going to tell the other managers that at our meeting." He pulled out a small card.
"Can I fill something out?"
"That would be great."

I filled out the card, it took about a minute to say nice things and to thank them for all their hard work.
The manager came back and said, "Thank you for coming by. We hear negetive feedback all the time, it's really nice to hear something positive."
"I know. Have a great day."
I would like to say I worked out.
But instead I walked out.

Will I do it again?:

How much did it cost me?
How much time did it take? About three minutes total
How much effort? I did have to hand write something- which I hate to do because I have bad handwriting.

The lesson for the day, thank someone who would normally be invisible or go unthanked.
Keep your eyes open and you can see some great things.

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  1. That was sweet. People like to be told they are doing a good job!!