Thursday, December 17, 2009

Day 17 Helped a neighbor get her dog back

Helped a neighbor get her dog back

I've been very nice to my neighbors this week.

Action done on 12-14
So there's a couple who lives down the street from me. They have a big old hound dog who is often running out the house. Charlie (that's the dog) is very hype and I don't think I've ever seen him stand still. But he won't let you get close enough to him either.

I saw him while I was telling my other neighbor about the car light.

I went back home and grabbed a dog treat and headed back out into the cold. Again.

Charlie was sitting on the drive way, looking at the house, but not ready to go in.
I walked over to him, "Hey Charlie, do you want a cookie?"
He bounced, jumped and ran around. Clearly he was still ready to play.

It wasn't long before his "mom" came out. The two of us together was able to get the dog into the car. Once he was contained, she could get his leash.

She thanked me and we started talking. Not just a "hi" or "cold weather, huh?"
She told me she was pregnant, I gave her a hug and we chatted about mommyhood. And I finally learned her name. I've "known" each other for 5 years now and never took the time to learn each others name. That was even better then saving her dog. I promised her a copy of my "Advice for New Moms"

Would I do it again: Sure, chances are the dog will run away again.
Cost: None
Effort: Not much

Also Remember day 1? Well someone did it, bigger and better.
It makes me want to go out and do pay for the food behind me again.

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