Sunday, December 13, 2009

Day 13 Bought lottery tickets

Bought lottery tickets

Yes, I know I was supposed to go a week of doing free things for people. And I still have a few mentally planned.

So my friend and a big cheerleader of mine, Cindy gave me this idea.

I was at Bloom (for reasons you will learn tomorrow)

I bought my food and stuff, I asked for cash back and instead of a twenty I wanted a ten and two fives. But my brain stopped functioning and I said "Um can I have a ten and um..." then nothing. No words.
The cashier smiled, "Two fives."
"Yep that's what I wanted to say."

Meanwhile, my daughter was being the same loud person she always is, and yelled, "hi!" to the person behind her.
The woman smiled and had a nice little conversation with my daughter while I paid and put the bags into the cart.

Then I walked over to the lottery scratch off and put my five in. I got 5 scratch offs and handed them out.

First to the cashier, the to the woman behind me. They both smiled and thanked me. Then I passed them out to people I had zero inteactions with.

I walked away, I didn't want them to feel obligated to do anything right then and there.

As I was staring the ten minute process of unloading my car, putting the cart away and getting my daughter into the car, I saw the woman behind me in the parking lot.
"Did you win?" I asked.
"No, but the cashier won $2."

Will I do it again?: Sure, it was fun and easy.

How much did it cost me? $5.00
How much time did it take? 1 minute
How much effort? the hardest thing was remember to ask for a 5 dollar bill.