Monday, December 7, 2009

Day 7 Nice to a pregnant lady


So last week I forked over some money to make people happy. This week I wanted to things that didn't cost me anything.

Nice to a pregnant lady.

I hated being pregnant. It was awful. Seriously, I felt betrayed by all mothers everywhere because no one told me the truth. Pregnancy SUCKS. Your back hurts, you can't see your feet, you get acid reflux, and you can't sleep.

Now I whenever I see a pregnant woman I go out of my way to be nice to her.

The only good thing about preganacy was that strangers were much nicer to you. But once you walked anywhere with a stroller, they turn mean again.

So I went to the mall to buy shampoo, well I went to do other things and one of those things happened to be buy shampoo.

A VERY pregnant lady stopped doing some man's hair and helped me check out.
"How far along are you?"
She rubbed her basketball belly and frowned "9 months."
"Oh you've hit that point where you just want the kid out of you, haven't you."
She looked so tired, but her hair and make up was still perfect. "Yes. You have no idea."
"Is this your first?"
"Nope, it's my third."
WHAT! I have one kid and I look like I just rolled out of bed, this woman has two kids and one on the way and she looks like a model. Me: "Did anyone tell you that you're cute pregnant?"

She smiled. "No, but you just made my day."
"Seriously you look adorable."
Then I told her how I got my daughter to come out a month early. I yelled at one of my students for asking me, "what if the plastic forks go bad?" Three hours later I was in the hospital.

Will I do it again? Yes.
How much did it cost me? Nothing
How much time did it take? Total time about 2 minutes
How much effort? none

Reflections on Blogging:
I've found myself constantly LOOKING for opportunities to be nice to people. Stopping people and telling them what a nice coat they have, smiling at people, saying please and thank you, telling everyone to have a nice day.
After every interaction I wonder if its was "big" enough to blog about.

So I wonder, has this little experience affected you? Have you done something nice to someone you might not normally have? Let me know.

I want to THANK EVERYONE who has read this blog and posted a comment or said something directly to me. It made such a huge difference how I've been treating this whole thing. Thank you.


  1. Erinn.
    I do find myself saying hello more to the
    people I pass or when I am waiting in lines
    T hanks for the inspiration

  2. I have an idea for you Erinn, It may be hard if you don't live somewhere where people park outside, but my husband does this all the time for our elderly neighbors. When it snows or we get a bad frost, he will scape off the car for them. It must be wonderful to be dreading cleaning off your car and then you come out and it is done for you!

    I love reading your blog, especially the chick filet one!

  3. Thank you for doing this. It's easy to forget how many things I can do for other people with very little time/energy/money and you've put those thoughts back into my head.